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About TimberTech Homes

TimberTech Homes

Company Profile

TimberTech Homes was established by Vanessa Adams and based in Wanaka, New Zealand. Surrounded by the beauty of the scenic Wanaka area, it was a fitting location for a style of building that is focused on helping the environment.

Our homes are designed to blend in with nature, but bring the latest technology for comfortable living.

SIPS in New Zealand
Timber Tech Homes Wanaka

We can also provide guidance and knowledge at any point in your build, whether you are just ordering windows or building with TimberTech from the start.


Years of


We've been importing and building with Insulspans Panel system (SIPS) for almost a decade.

Insulspan are renowned for delivering high-performance, state-of-the-art, structural insulated panels (SIPs). Their products are growing in popularity in the United States and especially throughout North America and Canada. They are being used for used for walls, roofs and floors in both residential homes and commercial buildings. Insulspan as been in business since 1990, so they have over 35 years of experience behind them in manufacturing their innovative SIPs.

SIPA Members

We are proud members of the SIPA Structural Panel Association and Passive House Institute of New Zealand.

Members of Passive House Institute

By combining our engineered building system with careful design we are able to deliver buildings with a higher sustainability outcome.

We provide residential and commercial projects and have a team that specialises in the assembly of SIPS.

SIPs offer many advantages due to their prefabrication including reduced construction times and jobsite waste associated with on-site construction. SIPs also offer a lot of design flexiblity. A strong, affordable and environmentally responsible building material, SIPs have been utilised successfully worldwide for more than 50 years.

Building with sips

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Want to assemble yourself?

We can provide training and assistance so you can do-it-yourself. Unlike other Panel systems, Insulspans are ready to assemble which means no cutting of doors and windows is required.