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SIPs For Home Owners

Eco Sustainable Passive Homes

We’ve been designing and building custom green sustainable homes featuring our structural insulated panels around New Zealand. We specialise in these quality, unique builds, creating liveable homes for environmentally conscious clients.

Our homes are passive, smart and resource saving. They are designed to create healthy spaces for people to enjoy, that work with – rather than against – our environment. With high thermal values, our six star homes are fast and ready to assemble.

Sustainable Building

Choosing a home constructed with our SIPs is a great way to build green, or sustainably. Prefabricated SIP homes reduce waste during construction and consistently reduce energy consumption throughout the life of the home.

These homes tend to remain in use longer than conventionally built ones. This is important because all homes consume resources in order to be built. So, the longer a home remains a viable living space, the more sustainable the building materials are.

Our mission is to make environmentally friendly green home design and construction...

...our trademark

Live More Comfortably

Most of us living in traditional homes have learned to deal with rooms getting too hot, and then too cold– as well as spaces that feel colder in one spot than they do in another. If you hate drafts and get tired of taking your sweater off and on, then get ready to smile. The tightness of an Insulspan SIP home helps keep cold air from entering your warm spaces and causing drafts.

Many homeowners who choose to build an energy-efficient SIP home for the energy cost savings, spend more time talking about how amazingly comfortable their new home feels when compared to past homes.

We work with you from concept to completion, to design and build your dream home. Our Eco Friendly homes are built to custom floor plans tailored to your individual vision while maintaining sustainable design principles. They are timeless in beauty, environmentally sustainable and a pleasure to live in.

We work with our clients to design their home from the early discussions and design brief to the site inspection and ongoing communication, to ensure each home not only works superbly with the environment in which it is built, but also that it is beautiful, affordable and functional.




We start with a consultation. Here we discuss your budget, priorities, budget complete the design brief.




Next, we send the design contracts. Once these are signed, we begin creating your custom designed home.




Once the design is approved we start construction of your home, meeting regularly with you throughout the process to take through decisions and answers any questions you have.

to find out how TimberTech Homes can assist with your dream build